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1. Traits and functions in the tropics

2. Dry tropical woodlands in Africa

3. Gene flow in the tropics

4. Tropical freshwater microhabitats

5. Species delineation in the tropics

6. Tropical forest modelling

7. Tropical biodiversity for development

8. Savanna ecology and functioning

9. The mangrove biodiversity enigma

10. Forests in space and time

11. Fragmentation genetics and biodiversity

12. Large vertebrates in a changing world

13. Riparian ecosystems in tropical drylands

14. Coral reefs at risk

15. Reconciling food production and biodiversity conservation in agroforestry systems

16. Palaeoecology of tropical ecosystems

17. Complete Altitudinal Rainforest Transects

18. The tropical forest in a changing climate

19. Seed dispersal in space and time

20. Integrative Tropical ecosystems dynamics

21. Human-modified tropical forests

22. Legacy specimens, future goals

23. Economic valuation, certification and conservation

24. Including lianas in vegetation models

25. Arthropod ecology and conservation